Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lumber Rack from Long Ago

This is a repost of one of my first shop projects from long ago.  I am reposting because Matt over at Uppercut Woodworks recently shared a design for a lumber rack and I thought this might help him (and others).

Original Text:

In order to get the car back into the garage, I needed to clear up most of the junk taking up the floor space. A big part of this was a bunch of plywood from past projects that was leaning against the wall next to the roll-up door. Of course it would be nice to be able to get to this stuff also, so I started looking around for designs of lumber racks for sheet goods. I eventually combined a bunch of ideas into the design you see here.

With this wonderful contraption, I can store roughly 6-7 full 4x8 sheets of plywood, depending on the thickness. The right side has space for another 6-7 half sheets or large pieces. On the left in the bins there's also room for a lot of small cutoffs, since I can't seem to throw anything away.

The left side is attached to the wall with a couple of hinges, and there are casters underneath so the whole thing pivots away from the wall for access. The rack also protects the lumber from water seeping under the garage door during heavy rains.

Of course the good news is that building this also consumed some of the wood scraps that have been kicking around the shop.

Is the car back in the shop now? Uh, not really, no. 

EDIT from 2010:  It finally made it in!

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